How to Install a PCI Device

PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect, don't let that scare you, I'll call it PCI ;) Anyway, a PCI device can be a Video Card, USB (Universal Serial Bus) Card, Firewire card, WiFi Card, and much more. They are very simple to install, and require no special tools except for a screw driver, and 2 hands.

Step 1, Accommodate Yourself with the PCI BUS:

This is where the PCI Bus is located. (Where you will be installing the PCI Card)

Place mouse over image to view PCI Bus

Step 2, Remove the Metal Protection:

The metal protection can either be screwed on or clipped on. Simply remove with the screw with a screw driver, or if no screw is in place, just push, click it out. Each case is different, so make sure you know how to remove the case properly according to the setup of your case.

Place mouse over image to view metal protection

Step 3, Accommodate Yourself with the PCI Card:

In this case, I will be using a FireWire card, this is what it looks like. Most look the same, except for the end that will stick outside of the case.

Place mouse over image to view the part that connects to the PCI Bus

Step 4, Connecting It:

There are 2 ways doing this step, the right way, and the wrong way.

This is the INNCORRECT way:

This is the CORRECT way:

Place mouse over the image to view next part

Now you need to push it in, let me warn you, it's not a simple push, it's actually a hard push. Many people think that if they push it any harder it will break, but if your doing it right, it should require a hard push. The best way to do this is with both your hands, one on each side. Since I only had one hand (my other hand holding the camera, I have 2 hands...), I only used just my thumb.

Step 6, Screw it Back Up:

If your metal protector was screwed on, the odds are you will need to screw it back on again, this will insure a tight fight. If you do not screw it back on, chances are the card will fall out, and it might damage it. So don't skip this step.


If you have any questions, please let me know here.

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